Medford High School, MA

Design-Build Engineer: Guardian Energy Management Solutions

Solving energy-wasting drafts, improving window and door function, and addressing deferred maintenance projects. B|E Retrofit’s project design and installation saves school district time, money and energy.

The Challenge

Casement window systems throughout the 500,000 square foot building had operational problems and excessive air infiltration. The windows were causing comfort problems for staff and students as well as wasting energy and dollars for the school district. A window replacement project was not practical given disruption to potentially hazardous materials and the major costs in the large building. A durable, long-term solution was necessary to improve comfort and save energy.

The Solution

B|E Retrofit repaired or replaced hardware at the existing windows, reduced infiltration at the perimeter of the operable sash and created a tight seal at the window casing. B|E was able convert a major capital expense into a cost-effective energy saving project subsidized by utility company incentives.

B|E’s professional project manager and installation team kept the project running smoothly at the sprawling facility with daily communication and effective documentation, ensuring a hassle-free path to close-out. The complete project scope of work was:

  • Door Weather Stripping
  • Overhead Door Weather Stripping
  • Window Repair, Hardware Replacement and Weather Stripping
  • Window Casing Caulking

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Why B|E Retrofit?

Custom Solutions

Input from in-house weatherization installation experts during the IGA allows B|E to develop custom projects and still make a smooth transition from design to construction.

Clear Documentation

Customized and clear reports allow our partners to quickly and confidently incorporate the weatherization information into client deliverables at all project phases.


B|E hires and trains professionals with the personality required to succeed working in existing buildings alongside occupants, staff and other trades.

Call the professional team at B|E for hassle-free weatherization installation.