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Insulation Technician

HIRING NOW! Join our talented Insulation team! BE Retrofit is looking for motivated and hardworking Insulation Technicians to onboard ASAP! In this job, you will travel weekly, earn union scale wages with fringe benefits, learn a skilled trade, advance to leadership positions (see below), have weekends off, get paid weekly, and have all your tools and equipment provided by the company. For more information and to apply for our Insulation Technician position.

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Employee Testimonials:

'After completing my first 2 weeks as an insulation technician with BE Retrofit, I would be proud to recommend the career to anyone looking for an opportunity to work hard and feel properly rewarded for it. The work typically entails travel 5 days a week, and the different criteria of work and scenery makes each and every day exciting. All that paired with great pay, outstanding company ecosystem, and a little friendly competition at work, gives me full confidence in saying that this company would be a fantastic fit for anybody willing to join it!'
- Insulation Tech 2 weeks with BER