Documentation & Reporting

At B|E Retrofit, our quick response time and comprehensive reporting are the hallmark of what we do. At all project phases, you can expect customized and transparent documentation that you can quickly and confidently incorporate into your deliverables to building owners. We’re available at any point in the project to support meetings with your client to clarify our recommendations or installation procedures. Nowhere in the industry will you find documentation and communication that is more accurate, comprehensive and professional.

As a design and install weatherization and mechanical insulation partner, we provide project documentation that includes customized reports at all project phases:

  • Investment Grade Findings & Recommendations Reports
  • Material Submittal Reports
  • Look-Ahead Schedules
  • Installation Progress Reports
  • Certified Payroll
  • AIA Applications for Payment
  • As Built & Commissioning Reports

You can expect a level of precise, consistent reporting that surpasses industry standards. As we build partnerships with ESCOs, Design-Build Engineering Firms and Contractors, we customize Reports with your input for the data, information and format that works best for you. Our clients will tell you, every Report is end-client ready, saving you time and frustration on administrative tasks.

Simplify your client communications and reduce your administrative burden.

When it comes to documentation and reporting, B|E gets an A+.

—Project Engineer, Ameresco