Mechanical Insulation Installation Services

B|E Retrofit is a leading provider of mechanical insulation installation services to the commercial, industrial, institutional and refrigeration markets. Contractors, Building Owners and energy services companies (ESCOs) rely on B|E Retrofit’s trademark level of quality, service, communications and operational excellence to solve their mechanical insulation problems.

  • Energy and dollar savings
  • Moisture, condensation and temperature control
  • Protection from personal injury
  • Frozen pipe protection
  • Fire Safety
  • Noise Dampening

Insulation Experts

The insulation experts at B|E Retrofit have years of experience finding the right mechanical insulation solution for your project– the correct material, thickness, and installation methods—whether the goal is to reduce energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions or noise levels; to safeguard employees; or to improve processes.

  • Insulation applications for commercial, industrial institutional, and refrigeration
  • Insulation for hot and cold pipes, tanks, equipment, valves/ fittings and ducts
  • Materials include: fiberglass, removable pads, mineral wool, foamglass, Styrofoam, urethane, closed cell rubber, custom PVC and metal jackets

Seamless Project Management & Insulation Installation

B|E Retrofit’s in-house team of professional project managers and installers will help you seamlessly complete all aspects of your insulation project. You’ll find the experience and single-point accountability you need; clear, concise communications; and the convenience and service our partners have come to expect from B|E.

A Partnership Approach

At B|E Retrofit, we take a partnership approach with every client. Contractors, Building Owners and ESCOs count on B|E to understand the insulation challenges they face every day, and help resolve them with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. This is how we’ve grown our business from day one; it is at the very heart of our mission at B|E Retrofit.

Take the hassle out of mechanical insulation. Contact us today.

Their crews show up in company shirts, with proper tools and equipment, work well with other trades and leave the building the way they found it, often better than the way they found it.

—Senior Project Engineer, Ameresco