Project Management

Managing the details of your weatherization or mechanical insulation project means the on-site managers and trained teams from B|E Retrofit are ready to solve problems as they occur. We ensure a smooth installation process with minimal disruption to building occupants. You can expect seamless transitions at critical project points, immediate answers when questions are raised, industry-best accountability, execution and safety, and a project that is delivered on-time and hassle-free.

Our partners regularly cite B|E Retrofit as the easiest firm to work with across all trades on a project because of our day-to-day dependability, regular communication and ability to meet unexpected challenges.

  • In-house, professional installers
  • Easy-to-integrate service with a clear understanding of your goals
  • Operationally optimized teams for cost savings
  • Thorough documentation and ongoing communications
  • Reliable follow-through and accountability

B|E Retrofit’s complete in-house team of project managers and installers provide accountability, convenience and service with clear, ongoing communications including: Material Submittal Reports, Look-Ahead Schedules, Progress Reports, Certified Payroll Reports, AIA Applications for Payment and As Built & Commissioning Reports.

With our record of on-time, hassle-free completion, shouldn’t you be working with B|E Retrofit?

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B|E helps the project run smoothly, giving us just the right information that we need.

—ESCO Project Manager