Why B|E Retrofit?

Delivering the highest quality of both weatherization design and installation, and mechanical insulation services; this is what we do every day at B|E Retrofit. We have built our company on a foundation of extraordinary service, a team approach to every project, and great respect for our ESCO, Design-Build Engineer, Building Owner-  and Contractor- partners and the clients they serve.

  • A Partnership Approach
    When you work with B|E Retrofit, you’ll find a long-term partner invested in the success of your projects whether weatherization or mechanical insulation. Client-ready reporting and documentation, on-site project management and a professional installation team help you effectively manage the challenges of weatherization.
  • Consistent Communications and Documentation
    We provide clear, accurate, reliable reporting specifically designed to make every phase of your project run smoothly. You won’t find better, more consistent reporting anywhere in the industry.
  • Accurate Assessment/Industry-Leading Design
    Every detail of our building-specific weatherization or mechanical insulation design including scope of work, cost and energy savings information is carefully documented in our customized, easy-to-integrate Investment Grade Audit Reports.
  • On-Site Project Management
    Our experienced project managers are available on-site to simplify scheduling, seamlessly integrate all aspects of the job, address concerns as they arise and remain accountable from the start of the project through to completion.
  • On-Time Installation
    B|E’s in-house installation teams work at peak efficiency to deliver your project on-time and hassle-free. We hire and train weatherization and mechanical insulation professionals with the personality required to work in occupied buildings and the experience to understand the challenges you face every day.
  • Design & Install or Install-Only
    Whether you are looking for a comprehensive weatherization specialist skilled at assessment, design, management and installation; or if your project requires expert installation only, B|E Retrofit can handle the scope of projects large and small.

Accurate assessment and design, sophisticated reporting, on-time and hassle-free installations, accountability at every project phase —B|E Retrofit is setting the industry standard in weatherization.

Take a look at what our clients have to say or contact us today to learn more.

I've done this with other companies and I've never seen this kind of follow-through.They put ownership into what they do.

—ESCO Project Manager