Town of Farmington, CT

ESCO: Ameresco

B|E Retrofit’s on-site project management and in-house installers deliver on successful installation and close-out for the weatherization measures in Farmington, CT.

The Challenge

Delivering reliable energy savings from the weatherization component of a complex, multi-site energy savings performance contract requires well-trained and experienced installers. Unlike measures that rely on improved technology or equipment to save energy, like a lamp retrofit, weatherization relies primarily on the installer to properly put the materials in place in the building.

The project in Farmington spanned 7 schools and 12 municipal buildings putting a premium on communication and limiting return visits to buildings to ensure a smooth installation.

The Solution

B|E Retrofit’s operations team started in Farmington with a clear understanding of the scope of work and the retrofit methods to be used. An in-house team of experienced professionals – with oversight from an on-site project manager – ensured that all measures were installed to the proper specifications and that energy savings were met or exceeded.

Effectively managing the multi-site project included regular progress communications and look-ahead scheduling updates. Communications from B|E’s PM kept Ameresco, the Town and B|E on the same page and the project running smoothly. The scope of work in Farmington included:

  • Attic Bypass Air Sealing and Insulation
  • Roof-Wall Intersection Air Sealing
  • Soffit Overhang Air Sealing
  • Door Weather Stripping

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Why B|E Retrofit?

Industry-Best Install

B|E’s in-house crew leaders and installers are building envelope specialists, experienced in resolving air leakage and heat loss efficiently.


Even as an install-only partner, B|E provided professional and client-ready Material Submittal, Look-Ahead and As Built Reports.


A seamless transition from contract to installation, quick support with client requests, industry-best accountability and a project delivered hassle-free.

Call the professional team at B|E for hassle-free weatherization installation.