City of Melrose, MA

ESCO: Ameresco

B|E Retrofit’s full-service capabilities and partnership approach deliver on both design and installation for weatherization at 8 schools and 11 municipal buildings in Melrose.

The Challenge

The energy upgrade in Melrose includes building automation systems, heating and cooling equipment, lighting, solar panels and weatherization. The comprehensive scope of work related to these core upgrades spanned 19 buildings and 20 individual energy conservation measures. A large and complex project such as this is an organizational challenge for any ESCO. In addition to achieving energy-saving goals for the client, B|E needed to provide clear communications and easy-to-use documentation that allowed Ameresco’s PM the freedom to focus on more complex ECMs.

The Solution

B|E Retrofit’s experience working on comprehensive ESCO projects and the Company’s investment in reporting, management and smooth integration contributed to the success of Ameresco’s overall project. A clear scope of work and accurate calculations in an easy-to-use Report ensured that weatherization could be incorporated into the overall project by Ameresco’s development team quickly and confidently. B|E’s on-site project manager and in-house installation team ensured a smooth installation process for Ameresco’s PM with accurate scheduling, clear communication and support with client requests. The scope of work installed by B|E’s expert team included:

  • Attic Bypass Air Sealing and Insulation
  • Roof-Wall Intersection and Soffit Overhang Air Sealing
  • Door Weather Stripping
  • Window Weather Stripping and Casing Caulking
  • Custom, Building-Specific Air Sealing Measures

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Why B|E Retrofit?

In-House Installers

B|E’s knowledgeable in-house installers are specialists trained to resolve building envelope weaknesses quickly and efficiently.

On-Site Management

B|E project managers are on-site to control quality, simplify scheduling, monitor safety, address concerns immediately and remain accountable from start to finish.


Approach Clear communication, safe and on-time installation and a long-term partnership approach ensures that B|E is invested in the success of the overall project.

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