B|E Retrofit


Building Envelope Design

During the audit phase, Kevin showed up with a ladder, a clipboard and a camera and did the work. When it came time to compare vendors, I was confident his scope of work would be more accurate. -- Program Manager

Their energy audit is more thorough than anything I've ever seen. -- ESCO Project Manager  

When we bring B|E into a project, we know they'll add value for our client. We bring them wherever we go. -- Dir. of Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Services Company    

Documentation & Reporting

Their illustrated reports make it easy to explain the proposed work to our customers. -- Project Development Engineer  

They are the frontrunner among their competitors because of their reports which are thorough and easy to read, and their calculations are far superior. -- ESCO Project Manager

BE Retrofit As Built Reports are formal, well laid out, and accurate; to date I have not seen As-Builts of this quality from any other weatherization contractor. Their reports are easy to integrate into my final review. -- Senior Project Engineer, Ameresco

They write the best, most thorough reports I've ever seen and turn them around very quickly. -- Dir. of Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Services Company

Project Management

They are highly professional, flexible and understanding of the challenges that are typically faced during the construction phases of a project whether working off-hours at a school or scheduling work for a multi-unit housing authority. --Senior Project Engineer, Ameresco

Based on their experience, they know how to mesh their business really well with ours. -- Director, Energy Management Solutions Company

People come into this business and think they know what they're doing. Ed's 30+ years of construction experience tells me he really understands this business. -- ESCO Project Manager

Weatherization Installation

They did a phenomenal job. I'd hire them again, and have already referred them to several program managers within my company. -- Program Manager

Their crews show up in company shirts, with proper tools and equipment, work well with other trades and leave the building the way they found it, often better than the way they found it. --Senior Project Engineer, Ameresco

It's rare to find a “weatherization” contractor who can both design and build. Their report content is great and to the point, and their installation work is very good. They do everything. – Dir. of Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Services Company